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Self Storage Units

Healesville HIRE has the perfect self storage solution for you whether you are travelling, moving or just need extra space. We have modern storage units available, offering both long term and short term leasing. 


At Healesville HIRE we have a range of storage services to suit your home or business needs whether it is document storage, business storage (tools/equipment/supplies) and personal storage. 


Our self storage units are secure, easily accessible, waterproof and dry.


Self Storage Unit Size:  2.7m X 5.4m


Our newly modern unit with garage roller door will generally hold belongings of a medium sized three bedroom house. Also suitable for business storage and smaller storage needs. The self storage container holds the equivalent of our newly built storage units.


Upon renting a storage unit, you will be supplied with a key to access the main gates.

You are required to secure your storage unit using your own padlock. This ensures that only you will have access to your storage unit. 

Access to the storage unit is from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week, excluding the Christmas, New Years and Easter public holidays. Access outside these hours requires prior arrangement with Healesville HIRE.

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Self Storage Services


  • Shelving available for business records storage on request 

Document Storage
Document Storage
Some professionals are required to keep records for over 7 years.
Investing in a self storage space can free valuable office space and secure your records. Our secure self storage is an efficient, easy way of accessing your archived documents. 

Business (Stock, Tools) Storage
Business Storage

Are you running out of space in your workspace/stockroom? ​Ideal secure storage solution for tools, equipment, supplies and stock.​

Personal Storage

Personal Storage
Moving, renovating, travelling or need extra space? Our secure self storage units are a perfect solution for the storage of your household goods and furniture.​​

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