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Self Storage Tips


Proper packing and wrapping of your goods will help protect them while in storage. Use plenty of bubble wrap, newspaper or plastic/shrink wrap. Even use old sheets and towels to cover valuable items that mark easily like tables, chairs and wall units. 



Place heavy solid items on the bottom and toward the rear of the storage unit. Then use boxes of lighter items on the top and where possible stack right up to just below the roof. This will ensure you make the most of the available space in the storage unit. Do not stack right to the roof as in summer the roof gets hot and can damage some goods. If you need access to some of your goods in storage ensure you place the items you are likely to use at the front.



Write on each box which room the items are from, but do not write anything which may indicate where you have valuables stored. Such valuables should be well packed in boxes and in no way visible.


Vermin Protection

While the self storage units are very secure, it is advisable, for long term storage, to place some vermin bait in the unit to ensure your goods stay in well-kept condition. It is also advised that you or someone you know check on your goods at least every 3 months.



You should check with your existing insurance company to verify that your goods are covered while in storage. 

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